1st Sunday in Advent - The Candle of Hope

This familiar lighting of Advent's first flame,
Releases again the memories of seasons past;
A task repeated not because of mere tradition,
But to re-declare a timeless message of hope.

Uncertainty and fear may hold nations in their grip,
While rulers and power-seekers argue and accuse.
But we choose to remember that our future rests
Not in any earthly treaty, but God's eternal purpose.

In the midst of this world's turmoil and uproar
We receive God’s invitation to be still
To re-call and re-tell the timeless stories
Whose truths have breathed hope into every era of history

In this moment we grasp the opportunity
Not to work out solutions or be convinced of any plan
But be stilled by the knowledge of who our God is
For in the midst of similar turmoil and ambition – God was found as one of us.

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