3rd Sunday in Advent - The Candle of Peace

In this familiar moment,
Another flame bursts into radiant life,
Defying the narratives of despair,
By reminding us that deeper truths still prevail.

Every day the sun rises as the earth again traces her orbit.
Even when disrupted, the cycles of nature defiantly fight on,
Every day new life is born;
New hands will join in love;
New expressions of human kindness will emerge;
Belief in the good will remain unquenched.

We choose to see the good;
We choose to seek the wholesome;
We choose to remember,
That when every deal has failed,
Every border has been crossed;
Every earthly empire has fallen;
Every treaty has been forgotten,
And every ruler’s dominion is no more.

God will be;
Hope will remain;
And eternity will still be just beginning.

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