Walking along the Water - how to get involved

An opportunity for walkers, worshippers, diners and sponsors

From Sunday 17th September to Sunday 24th, a group of NWBA team members will be joined by friends and supporters from our local churches as they make their way from Liverpool to Burnley along the historic route of the Leeds - Liverpool Canal. Their aim is to arrive at Burnley in time for our Forum gathering on the afternoon of Sunday 24th. There are many ways you can be involved.

Walkers and Church Walking Groups

Why not organise a group from your church to join the walk one day. The Leeds Liverpool Canal meanders through some of the most beautiful countryside of Merseyside and Lancashire as well as tracing its Industrial Heritage. You can find details of the itinerary here You can also download fuller instructions for walkers here

Leisure Walkers

On a number of days we have arranged a lunch stop at a pub or restaurant near or on the canal. (This is not possible every day because there is no suitable half-way point.) You can plan a pub lunch and arrive early. Make your way along the canal (towards the Liverpool end) and you should meet the walkers coming the other way. You can plan the length of your journey depending on what time you set off. This could be a great social event for your church activity group, particularly if you are looking for a missional dimension to your activities.

Pub Lunchers

If walking is not your thing, why not simply plan a lunch with friends at one of the stop off points. Again you can find the route here. This could be a great opportunity to bring a group from your church, or simply go out with friends, providing a low-key opportunity for you to share something of your faith, and life of the Baptist family of which you are a part.

Join in the Celebration

At the end of each day there will be an act of celebration. These will vary in style depending upon the circumstances and location. Please contact the host church for more details and plan to be part of the celebration.

Come to Forum

The walk will end at our Annual General Meeting and Forum which is to be held this year at Sion Baptist Church, Burnley. This is he regular get-together for North West Baptists and will include an opportunity to celebrate the canal walk. More details of the Forum Meetings can be found here.

Sponsor our Walkers

While we want to raise awareness of the work of Baptist Home Mission, we also want to raise funds to support mission and evangelism through our NWBA churches. Please visit our just giving page to find out how you can support us.

Tell other people

Even if you cannot be part of this yourself, please let other people in your church know about it. You can download a flyer here