Help I’m new at this

If you have just been appointed as a Church Secretary or Treasurer, this can be a daunting but fulfilling reality. NWBA will do all that we can to help you. We have a number of useful publications some of which you will find on this web-site. You should also take some time to visit the Baptist Union Website. One particularly useful area is the BUC Downloads section. This contains professionally produced information sheets covering just about every aspect of local church life.

How can NWBA help?

First of all please get in touch with us, so that we can update our records with your new contact details. If you have not been secretary or treasurer before, we can sometimes put you in touch with someone from a nearby church who has experience and is willing to offer some guidance.

Help I’m new at this - is an annual consultation that we hold for new secretaries and treasurers. It is usually part of our Regional Resource Day or our Forum meetings. This gives you a chance to meet the NWBA team and to be introduced to resources that can help you.

Payroll - If you are a treasurer and are unsure about arranging your minister’s stipend or payment of other staff members, we can help. Our payroll officer can produce payslips, tax and pension returns etc. which means that all you have to do is write out the cheque! More details can be obtained from our Treasurer

Loans - We also operate a small loans fund for NWBA churches. We can also advise on accessing larger loans through the Baptist Union Corporation and the Baptist Building fund.

You can also contact us with any specific queries or problems. Wherever possible, please use e-mail, as most of the team are out of the office for a considerable time.