Newly Accredited Ministers

If you are a newly accredited minister, we will be pleased to welcome you to our NAM scheme. You should already be aware that this consists of three basic components.

Your mentor is usually arranged through the BUGB ministry department. If you have not already done so contact rurwin@baptist.org.uk

Learning Contract
This will usually be arranged through one of our Baptist colleges. If you are coming to the North West, we offer a co-ordinated residential scheme with Northern Baptist college that incorporates this with your probationary studies in two residential conferences per year.

Probationers’ Scheme
We also operate probationary studies and review programme as specified by the Ministry Executive of BUGB. The Review Group will meet with you and your church at key points in your probationary period. You will also be invited to two residential conferences per year which we run in partnership with Yorkshire Baptist Association and Northern Baptist Association. The content of the programme is specified by the NAM group themselves to respond to the challenges and issues that you are meeting in your early years of ministry. These are held at Northern Baptist College. More information can be obtained from the college website.

It is important to ensure that your church are aware of the requirements of the NAM programme. There is cost involved in the residentials which we ask your church to pay.

If you have any queries or concerns about the NAM programme, please contact Tim Presswood, Regional Minister, Church Life.