A new partnership project between NWBA and BMS World Mission.

In March 2012, we want to help hundreds of Baptist Christians in the North West to open their homes and share a simple good news story with their neighbours.

We’ll provide you with everything you need - just make sure that your church is signed up. Church Packs will be sent out in January
If we are Missionary Disciples, then our calling is not just to be involved in outreach activities based and organised through local churches, but to make connections with those who live around us, making Christ known by seeking to be salt and light wherever we find ourselves.

In the present political and economic climate, many people in our local communities face unease and uncertainty; questions about about job security, the future of our health and welfare systems etc. These are not problems that can easily be solved, but being part of a strong and supportive community can be an important factor in helping us through them. As Christians we are called to proclaim Good News - there are many people around us who are desperate to hear some!

World of Difference is a simple way of helping local Christians build stronger bonds of friendship and support with their neighbours, identifying themselves as a point of contact with the local church, without putting anyone under undue pressure. It’s as easy as saying “let’s all get together at my place for a coffee”.

But even that, if we’ve never done it before may seem a little unusual and daunting, so we’re offering an easy way of doing that which  also provides a natural context for sharing our story.
Click here to download an information leaflet or contact NWBA office for more details
When you register with “world of difference” you will receive a set of invitation cards along with a small leaflet to give out on the day. The leaflet will tell two stories, one from the work of BMS world mission, and one from BUGB Home Mission, of how people from our North Western area are making a “world of difference”. You can charge for the coffee, sell some cakes, or simply put a bowl in the middle of the table, but you can show your friends that through the church of which you are a part, they are part of making that difference.

There will also be a World of Difference website, which as well as saying more about those stories will have links for those who choose to follow them, that will explain in clear steps what our Christian faith is all about.

While the proceeds of the coffee mornings will be used to enable Baptist Mission in the UK and abroad - this is not primarily a fundraising exercise. We are seeking to provide a natural opportunity for local Christians to build stronger links with those who live around them, as part of the ongoing mission and outreach of their local church.

During March of 2012, you could be part of something that could forge a vital link between thousands of people and their local church.

Encourage your church to register now

You could help make a world of difference