Vetting and Barring Update
Latest Information - April 2011

Recent Media reports have indicated that Child Protection and CRB procedures may no longer be required by certain groups including churches. WE HAVE HAD NO FORMAL ADVICE OF THIS and strongly recommend that churches continue to operate under the procedures advised in July 2010. Click here for the copy letter which was sent to all NWBA churches at the time.

SAFE TO GROW - The BUGB Child Protection guidance booklet is due to be re-issued at the Baptist Assembly in May. Irrespective of legislative changes, this contains the GOOD PRACTICE which we recommend to all our churches.

Although there continues to be a measure of uncertainty about the implementation of legislative procedures, churches are asked to note:

Although ISA registration is currently deferred, CRB checks are still strongly encouraged for relevant workers
CRB applications to CAS need to be made on forms issued in July 2010. Stocks of forms from before this date should be destroyed.
It is still required that anyone who has been disciplined or dismissed for placing children and vulnerable adults at risk, is referred to the Independent Safeguarding Agency.
In order to keep you updated and to help you be certain that you are operating within the law, NWBA is seeking to establish a Safeguarding Contact for each church. If your church does not have a contact yet, please download a contact form and send it to us.

Latest information is regularly published in BUGB transform magazine which is regularly sent to all Church Secretaries. Look out for updates as they become available.

Click here to download a briefing sheet prepared by NWBA
Please note - this legislation will affect all churches even if you do not have a structured children’s work, youth programme or activities for older people. It is important that you remain updated


Churches are asked to note that from 6th April, the fee for an enhanced disclosure will be increased  from £36 to £44. The fee applies to paid positions only, CRB checks for volunteers remain free of charge

We will use this page to provide regular updates and reminders so please re-visit regularly.

The Protection and wellbeing of Children,  Young People and Vulnerable Adults should be a priority for any church. Please maintain robust recruitment procedures for any position which involves contact with these groups.