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Unlocking the Potential

Unlocking the Potential is a significant initiative, originally launched and developed by NWBA in 2018. It is one of the outcomes of the transition and restructuring that we have been engaged in, but has its roots in the recognition that we need new approaches to supporting and enabling mission and ministry for the 21st Century. We remain fully committed to supporting traditional patterns of ministry, but recognise that for many of our churches, new approaches are also needed. Unlocking the Potential has five key strands through which we will seek to offer support.

Equipping Local Leaders For many of our churches, employing a full-time, paid minister is no longer a viable option. We are seeking to explore ways in which we can equip and support local leaders in undertaking tasks that might have traditionally been seen as the responsibility of a minister.

Providing localised support This includes exploring new models of Regional Ministry, where an individual might provide more intensive support to a group of 4-5 churches; developing 'hub churches' through which particular specialisms can be developed and shared

Developing new patterns of ministry As this vision develops, we want to equip ministers to be able to mentor and develop the leadership skills of others, we also want to grasp new mission opportunities by identifying, releasing and supporting pioneers, as well as providing specialist support for churches in key issues.

Equipping churches through new technologies The advent of social media and digital communication makes it possible to do things that would have been unthinkable even a decade ago. For some of our churches, ministry needs might be provided through web streaming, video links and other new media.

Supporting churches through change The opportunities provided through this vision might require some of us to think and function differently. Change is not always easy to implement, and relevant insight and expertise can be invaluable. We will be seeking to develop resources and trained specialists in enabling change.

This is a developing programme that will be gaining momentum through the coming years. Please look our for more details and information as it becomes available. Click here for our latest reflection on this theme.