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Annual General Meeting 2017

We once again offer apologies for the postponement of our Annual General Meeting this year. This was due to unforeseen and unavoidable technical delays in producing our Annual Report. A letter offering a fuller explanation has been circulated to ministers and churches.

The Annual Report is now available for scrutiny by following this link. In the interests of compliance and openness, we will still be adopting these at a public meeting, which will be held immediately at the close of our next Council meeting on 19th October at 4.00 pm. at our Registered Office in Wigan. This will be a formal meeting and is unlikely to last more than 15 minutes.

While church representatives are welcome to attend, we expect that few if any will want to make this journey. As an alternative, we are happy to receive and forward any written questions to the Treasurer for response. Please send these via email to the main office email address.

We apologise again that these formalities did not take place during our Annual Forum and Celebration gathering, but extend our thanks to all whose participation made this a successful and meaningful event.
North Western Baptist Association