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Prayers and Reflections for individuals and churches

During this time of Covid-19 lockdown, NWBA churches are working in new and creative ways to stay in touch with each other and also connect with their communities. On this page we offer a number of prayers that have been put together by a number of our churches and ministers. Many emerge from interaction with the church members as they reflect on their experience. We are particularly grateful to Carolyn Urwin, minister at Latchford Baptist church for compiling a number of these. Please feel free to use them if they are of help to you.

You can also visit our Faithspace website, which offers a number of ideas that have been developed through our café-style gatherings. this link will take you there.

A Reflection for Pentecost for personal use or inclusion in your online service can be downloaded as a document or is also available as a video

Circling Prayers
When we struggle to find the words to pray, circling prayers can help us. They have their origins in Celtic Christian spirituality. They are simple prayers which speak of God’s protective 'circling' presence. They can help us invite God's encompassing presence into the circumstances we face and the issues we care about. We can use them to pray for ourselves and for others. Click here to download more

'I am the true vine...Abide in me as I abide in you. Just as the branch cannot bear fruit by itself unless it abides in the vine, neither can you unless you abide in me.[John 15:1&4]'

Loving Gardener,
tender of the vine of my life,
I thank you for your care and nurture.
In this new season,
this unexpected change of climate,
thank you for keeping me fed and watered.
Thank you for all the evidence I can see around me
of your presence and attention.
I thank you too for your pruning.
It has been hard and painful
to have had so many parts of my life removed.
I miss them. I grieve for them.
I feel more vulnerable without them;
limited; less substantial; less me.
And yet I can see there is now space for new growth.
I can understand that the strength these branches drew from me
can now be used for new things.
I can notice the fruit you are forming
and devote my energy into helping it flourish,
new parts of me not there before,
which can be ultimately used to feed and nourish others
and generate new life elsewhere.
And so I praise you for your faithful, unending love,
I pray for your continued protection and provision
and I ask that I may so live in the love of Christ and his love live in me
that the fruit of this season might last forever.

A reflection from Easter Day
Lord Jesus,
today I stand in a garden of shadows
a place of tombs
weeping at the loss
of all that was

May I sense you
standing by my side,
may I hear your voice
speaking my name,
may your words
fill me with hope.

A Prayer for those who are struggling
When the pain of loss is agonising
When the sorrow of loss is harrowing
When the frustration of loss is unending
When the loneliness of loss is devastating
When the fear of loss is overwhelming
When the desperation of loss is mounting
May you remember that God is with you
and that God alone is enough.

A prayer for a struggling friend
Lord, I am weary, may I be renewed.
Lord, I am worn, may I be refreshed.
Lord, I am broken, may I be restored.
May your peace guard my heart and mind.
Fix my thoughts on what is true.
Hold me in your perfect peace
as today I trust in you.
(Phil 4:7-8 and Isaiah 26:3)