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Resources for Christmas
This page provides access to various resources developed by NWBA churches and ministers, which are offered for use more widely. We hope that you find them useful. While there is no charge for any of these, you might like to consider making a small donation to Baptist Home Mission, if you use them.

Which Gift? - a short talk for Christmas can be downloaded here

Opting In - A short sketch based on Joseph's response to Mary's pregnancy exploring the potential we release when we follow God's way

What's the real story? - A short sketch that uses the Christmas story to explore how God can speak through difficult circumstances.

Lost Sheep - A short sketch which contrasts the scene of the new born Jesus, with the spectacle of the heavenly host.

keep it to yourself imagines what might have happened if the shepherds had told no-one - exploring our attitude to sharing Good News today.

NWBA Minister, Revd Chris Shelley has a background as a drama teacher, and has written a number of short sketches for use in a Christmas service.

A Christmas Cracker asks what is the true heart of Christmas.

There Were Shepherds explores whether we sometimes try to dumb-down the Christmas story.

Scruffy Levi explores the Christmas story through they eyes of a boy that no-one has time for.

A Play for Christmas re-telling Mary and Joseph's story from a modern perspective

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