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Investing in the church of today and tomorrow

Our Young Leaders’ Programme {Disciple}, inspires and mentors young adults from across our NWBA community.

Through practical training, hands on experience and residential participation,
we remain committed to raising up leaders from each emerging generation.

Whether or not you have young adults in your church, will you stand with
those who are exploring their call and vocation as part of God’s Church in today’s world?

£5 per month covers the cost of a young leader attending our IMPACT residential

A one-off gift of £20 covers the cost of resource material for one {disciple} participant.

£100 covers the trainer costs for a one-day workshop.

You can play your part by visiting

Costs listed above are for example purposes only, donations will be used in line with programme needs at the time

Baptist Insurance

Baptist Insurance supports our Baptist Community with specialist cover for churches, regular security and protection updates and insurance for your home.

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NWBA is committed to ensuring that all of our churches and activities observe the highest possible standards of safeguarding

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Learning Resources

NWBA offers a number of learning opportunities in partnership with Northern Baptist College and other groups

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Open Bible

Midweek Reflections

Originally put together to support churches and individuals during Covid lockdown un 2020-21 our reflections are still available for use

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Time for Chocolate?

The chocolate egg market in the UK is estimated to be worth 200 million pounds. Even a modest treat is likely to cost around a fiver.

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