Investing in the church of today and tomorrow

Whether or not you have young adults in your church, will you stand with those who are exploring their call and vocation as part of God’s Church in today’s world?

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As Christians we believe that the most important thing we can do is help another person become a follower of Jesus. It is through the work of local churches, rooted in local communities that our message is lived out and shared.

Our vision is to be an active community of local churches, helping those who are struggling to sustain the work they do, helping new congregations and initiatives become established in communities where there is no organised Christian presence, and providing the support structures that local churches need to remain effective.

If every member and regular attender at our NWBA churches gave just five pounds per month, we could not only continue everything we currently do, but also have a significant surplus to invest in new opportunities. That is around the cost of a hot drink and a cake in a local coffee shop, less than the cost of a newspaper everyday and a fraction of what it would cost to fill our car with fuel.

Would you be willing to regularly give five pounds to support the mission of local churches? If so find out how through Count me in

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Summertime is here! And even with the famously unpredictable British weather it's time to pull out your flip-flops and don your shades.

Whatever you spend on things like that, all we are asking is whether you think local mission is worth investing in too.

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