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Remembrance and Remembering

We are pleased to offer a number of resources that you may find helpful in putting together your service of remembrance, either online or as a physical gathering. Everything that links from this page is available for you to use without restriction provided it is not re-sold or used for any commercial purpose.

Written and printable Resources

Prayers and an outline for a service of Remembrance

Images of Remembrance from Dan Parkes - Southport Baptist Church

Prayers and Reflections from our Faithspace resources

A Virtual Prayer Meeting for Remembrance Day - from Carolyn Urwin

Resources for a traditional Service of Remembrance

Introduction to Remembrance Service

The Last Post - bugle call

The Rouse (reveille) - bugle call

A Reflection for more contemporary acts of Remembrance

Remembering - the joy and pain of memories

Other Resources for Remembrance

Dan Parkes offers a selection of War Poems

The following videos are adapted from the writings of WW1 chaplain Geoffrey Studdert-Kennedy, scripted by Phil Jump, performed by David Robinson and filmed by Paul Furlong.

Woodbine Willie 'Crucifix' from the ICF production

Woodbine Willie 'Cemetery' from the ICF production

Woodbine Willie 'Puppet' from the ICF production