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We believe that the church should be a safe place for Everyone, from the youngest to the oldest and everyone in-between. Therefore we take Safeguarding seriously; safeguarding is the act of protecting children and adults at risk from harm. Every church should adopt a safeguarding policy and have in place up-to-date procedures enabling safeguarding to be a priority in their church context.

NWBA works with Baptists Together to provide information, guidance, resources and training so that our Baptist churches can maintain safe environments. A comprehensive collection of forms, model procedures, policies and service ideas are available in the Resource Library on the Baptists Together website

Safeguarding Training
NWBA offers Excellence in Safeguarding, the BUGB-produced Safeguarding training. This is available for all levels of church life:

Level 1 – is designed to give an overview of safe guarding to the whole of the church. There are two short videos available for church services/church meetings, and resources to help children think through the issues too.

Level 2 – is for those who work directly with children or adults at risk in a Baptist church, ministers, trustees, deacons and the designated person for safeguarding.

Level 3 – is for the church leadership, ministers, trustees/deacons and the designated person for safeguarding.

Level one material is available to download from the BUGB website whilst levels 2 and 3 are delivered by a BUGB safeguarding trainer. Information on the currently planned L2 and L3 courses can be found in the events section of this website

Safeguarding Contacts
Tim Presswood is our association lead for Safeguarding queries or issues and can be contacted on:

Telephone: 07966 417502

Mandy Howarth deals with our safeguarding admin, and can be contacted for queries about training or DBS advice:

Office email: admin@nwba.org.uk
Telephone: 07821 645265

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Baptist Insurance

Baptist Insurance supports our Baptist Community with specialist cover for churches, regular security and protection updates and insurance for your home.

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NWBA is committed to ensuring that all of our churches and activities observe the highest possible standards of safeguarding

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Learning Resources

NWBA offers a number of learning opportunities in partnership with Northern Baptist College and other groups

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Open Bible

Midweek Reflections

Originally put together to support churches and individuals during Covid lockdown un 2020-21 our reflections are still available for use

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Remembrance and Remembering

We offer a selection of resources for use in services of thanksgiving and remembrance.


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